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We kindly inform you that the consortium composed of The Łukasiewicz Research Network-Institute of Electrical Engineering and IWOS Sp. z o.o. is carrying out on behalf of the National Centre of Research and Development a pre-commercial project pn. ""e-Van – universal electric van cat. N1".

The project implemented by the Consortium under the name of  "e-VAN FCEV - universal electric commercial vehicle cat. N1 with hydrogen fuel cell and modular multifunctional cargo space housing" assumes the creation of an innovative and unrivalled commercial vehicle using a hydrogen fuel cell as a source of electricity, weighing up to 3.5t, with 1000 kg payload and
a range of 450 km. The final customers of the project will be companies from the logistics, courier and last mile delivery industry.

Stage I of the above project (01.03.2021) was completed, resulting in the concept of the vehicle.

We kindly ask all entities interested in the above solution to submit bids for the granting by the Consortium of a non-separate and paid license to use the Results of R&D works and Background IP objects.

This notice shall be valid for a period of not less than 10 years from the end of Stage I.