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R&D Cooperation

Łukasiewicz Research Network - Institute of Electrical Engineering supports the companies whishing to develop new technical solutions or to develop existing products. Based on the latest knowledge of science and technology and using the research capabilities IEL staff supports the electrotechnical companies with strong emphasis on industrial implementation of new or improved products.

Below are detailed descriptions of research topics conducted in Łukasiewicz Research Network - Institute of Electrical Engineerin:

No. Research topic
1. Electric apparatus of low, medium and high voltage.
2. Electric Traction. Railway, Tramways, Trolleybuses, Underground.
3. High power, High voltage, power converters for energetics.
4. Electric vehicles and EV battery charging systems.
5. Wireless energy transfer systems.
6. Alternative Current (AC) electric motors.
7. Renewable energy sources and energy storage systems.
8. Lighting HID (high intensive discharge) oraz LED (light emitting diode).
9. Varistors
10. Insulators
11. Modern electro-insulating, contacts, ceramics and magnetics materials.
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List of projects realised in ŁUKASIEWICZ - Institute of Electrical Engineering     >>>>> LINK >>>>>

Description of R&D topics    >>>>> LINK >>>>>