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Testing Laboratories

Conducting tests for compliance with standards

Certification Services

Issue of certificates based on presented tests reports from accredited laboratories

ZDIII - Pilot Plant

Electric Insulators and Insulation Materials Factory

Scientific Activity

Scientific research tiopcs

R&D Cooperation

Developing products according to company requirements

Publishing Department

"Electrotechnical Institute Proceedings", books and scientific monographs


Companies and Institutions that cooperate with the IEL


The Institute of Electrical Engineering provides from 1946 support for companies in the electrical industry. Our institute is one of the largest technical research institute in Poland. It is a modern and innovative facility, complying with European standards in respect of scientific and research potential, research and development initiatives, as well as creation of highly processed and technologically advanced products. Below are described main activities of IEL:

1. Testing and Certification of electrotechnical products.
Institute of Electrical Engineering has accredited three laboratories that allows carrying out applied research and the issuance of a certificate confirming that the product complies with the applicable standards in Poland and the entire European Union.

2. R&D support for companies.
The staff of the Institute of Electrical Engineering provides support for research and development (R & D) for companies in various fields of electrical engineering. We develop, modernize, products and equipment.

We develop high-power converters for use in electric traction, energetics and power generation in order to improve the quality of electricity, and for large renewable energy installations. We design and manufacture high power inductors and high frequency high power transformers especially for power converters.
We conduct the consultative work in our field. We have experience in the design of energy-efficient LED lighting, battery energy storage, wireless transmission of electricity, low speed wind generators, electrical machines, static converters, electric drives for bicycles, cars and locomotives.

3. Joint scientific projects.
Institute of Electrical Engineering conducts research activities under national and international projects. The subject of the research are modern electrical engineering materials such as photovoltaic cells, magnetic materials, fuel cells, composite materials, electrotechnical ceramics, powder technologies, piezoelectric materials, electrical insulating mass for special applications, electrical insulating varnishes and enamels, nanotechnology, and more.

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